Lets create your ShineInsights account

Thanks for purchasing ShinePay! Our next step is to get your ShineInsights account setup. 

Your ShineInsights account will be paired with your machines allowing you to view your transactions, set and adjust pricing, withdraw your funds and more. Please send us the following information so we can get you set up.

1. Email Address you will use to login
2. Location of the machines
3. Machine ID, Mode, and Price of the machines (Machine ID is the six-digit code on each machine)

For example:
1. john@happy.com
2. 123 Walter St.
3. 100320, Washer, $1.25
    100321, Washer, $1.25
    100322, Dryer, $1.50
    100321, Dryer, $1.50

Once we have this info we will create your ShineInsights account and send you login credentials with instructions.

Kind regards, 

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