1. Go to https://www.freightquote.com/book/#/free-quote/shipment-details and the default origin of the parcel/order is Commerce, CA,90040. Unless Sam finds any dealers nearby.

2. The info for the pick up location (Commerce,CA,90040) should always be Lift gate and pick up inside the location.See picture below:

3. The date is usually auto-populated for the earliest date. You can change it if cust prefers a different date after the automatic date given.

4.Place the Zipcode of the Delivery Address as well as the City and State .Make Sure to check then proceed to the next step.

5. Identify the needed services with the cust.

6. Fill in the info below for the shipment's packaging. Check the Sample specs on the right side of the screen versus the ones entered to the system.

Example machine:

There should always be allowance for the machine's dimensions once we process the shipment info. 

Refer to the specs on this picture below and see the dimensions placed on the left side of the screen

7. This is the summary page for the packaging and weight of the machines.

8. You will see this message once the site will start doing the Calculation.

9. The result of the calculation page. The final page of the site for freight quote. 

You have two options you can either take the average or add 200 dollars to the  lowest result.