This is a guideline with step by step process in installing ALCSX-1 Laundry Spark


  1. Before the installation, make sure that the laundry machine is turned off (i.e. unplugging the power cord)
  2. You have the key (if necessary) to open the service compartment where the computer board is

Step 1. Locate the switch inside the service compartment which might require some unscrewing so you can have access. 

Step 2. Unplug the 2 connectors from the switch.

Step 3. Connect the 2 matching two terminals from the LaundrySpark's harness to the other two terminals that were removed from the switch  (assure that both terminals are plugged).

Step 4. Connect the two (2) terminals that look like below to the switch if you are keeping the coin payment option for the users  (assure that both terminals are plugged).

Step 5. Connect the power plug from LaundrySpark (the white 6-pin connector) to the machine's control board.