This is a guideline with step by step process in installing ALCD5-12 Laundry Spark


  1. Before the installation, make sure that the laundry machine is turned off (i.e. unplugging the power cord)
  2. You have the key (if necessary) to open the service compartment where the computer board is

Step 1.Unplug the coin acceptor and plug the connector into the LaundrySpark harness if you want to keep coins. If not, you can just keep both connectors  unplugged. 

Step 2. Take the other side of the connector  and plug the harness into the computer

Step 3. Take the other 2 cords of the harness and plug them according to the photo below:

CAUTION: The orientation of the 3-wire black connectors should be the way circled in purple.