This is a guideline with step by step process in installing DXCD2-9 Laundry Spark


  1. Before the installation, make sure that the laundry machine is turned off (i.e. unplugging the power cord)
  2. You have the key (if necessary) to open the service compartment where the computer board is.

Step 1.  Attach the coin adapter to the LaundrySpark.

Step 2. Plug in the coin mech of the harness into the Spark. 

Step 3. After making sure the machine is safe and unplugged, attach the power connector to the hot and neutral lines inside of the machine.  Note: Hot and Neutral adapter does not really matter which way you plug them in as long as it is on the red or black wire. 

Step 4. Plug the hot connector first according to the photo.

Step 5. Plug the neutral connector on the bar with the black wire. Note that you can also plug the neutral connector on the other 2 bars with blue wires adjacent to the bar with the black wire 

Step 6. Go over the main control board and look at the 2 different connectors