This is a guideline with step by step process in installing WPCS1-7 Laundry Spark


  1. Before the installation, make sure that the laundry machine is turned off (i.e. unplugging the power cord)
  2. You have the key (if necessary) to open the service compartment where the computer board is.

 Step 1. Connectors are inside the service compartment, where the computer connects to the coin slide.

Step 2. Disconnect the coin mech from the computer board.

Step 3.  Plug in the LaundrySpark harness computer connector to the computer board.

Step 4.  Connect the power connector of the spark harness through a hole in the back of the machine.

Step 5. If you want to keep using coins, connect  the coin acceptor to the coin mech harness.

Step 6. Attach the rest of the harness into the LaundrySpark.