1. How do the fees work?

We have one fee of 3.9%. That means ShinePay takes 3.9% of each transaction.

2. When does it take the fee?

When a transaction happens your balance will only increase by the amount minus 3.9%. For instance, for a $1  wash, you will see your balance increase by $0.96.

3. How soon do I see the transactions in my account?

Nearly instantly. Within a second.

4. How much does it cost?

$149 for the ShinePay Spark (the hardware) per machine. This is a one-time fee.

5. What if some of my tenants don’t have smartphones?

You can still accept coins.

6. Can I still accept coins?

ShinePay works in conjunction with coins.

It also works on  it’s own and can be easily switched at your will.

7. Is the $149 monthly?

No, it’s one time for the hardware.

8. When does the 3.9% get charged?

When the transaction goes through. Nearly instantly.

9. Do other customers go ShinePay only?

Many customers start with coins and then transition to ShinePay only after giving tenants notice. Some go full-ShinePay to start.

10. When do I get my money?

As often as you request it.

11. Can users spend their money only on my machines?

No, they can spend the money on any machine with ShinePay.

12. What happens if users don’t use their money?

They can email us to get a deposit refund.

13. Does the user get charged a fee to pay?


14. Do I need WiFi?

No. Your tenants can use their mobile data.

15. Does the customer need a smartphone?

No, they can still use coins. They only need a smartphone if they want to pay electronically or if the machine does not accept coins.

16. How does the customer know what to do?

We have signage for the laundry rooms and bright-blue instruction stickers for the machines.

You can see them here http://getshinepay.com/store

17. How does the user pay?

This is a demo video of how it works.

18. Are there situations where ShinePay isn’t a good solution?

Places with a large number of senior residents that don’t have smartphones. Otherwise, no.

19. How do I know if ShinePay works with my machines?

We work with every machine but you can send us your model numbers to know the device that works best for your machines.

20. What if you can’t get cellular service in my laundry room?

You will need to install wifi, otherwise, ShinePay will not work at the moment in this situation. Our engineers are working on an offline version of the app, but it's still under development. 

21. How does ShinePay stop vandalism?

If you no longer accept coins there is nothing to steal.

22. How does it track the Quarters?

ShinePay connects to the coin-acceptor which allows it to count the Quarters.

23. Can I use different bank accounts?


24. How do I keep track of each properties revenue?

Through the simple to use app.

25. How do I get my money?

Through the app by entering your bank account details.

26. Does it automatically pay you out?

We have a new feature that will allow automatic payouts. 

27. How many payouts can I request?

As many as you want, as frequently as you want.

28. Does it cost money to request a payout?


29. How many machines is the minimum purchase?

You can purchase as few as 1 machine.

30. What is the warranty?

You may refer to the policy here. 

31. What does the warranty cover?

You may refer to the policy here. 

32. Are you PCI Compliant?


33. Who is your payment processor?


34. Can I use my own payment processor?


35. Are your fees negotiable?


36. Can I get a [bulk] discount?

Depends on quantity.

37. How many do I need to purchase for a discount?

Over 20.

38. Do you have signage?


39. Does the app come in any other languages?


40. What languages does the Android app come in?

Over 15 different languages.

41. What languages does the iOS app come in?

English & Spanish.

42. What if my tenants don’t speak English?

We are in many languages.

43. How much does the signage cost?

It’s listed on the website here, www.getshinepay.com/store

44. Does it work with Android?


45. Does it work with non-smartphones?


46. Does it work with coin-slides (aka ‘slides’)?


47. Does it work with coin-drops (aka ‘drop’)?


48. Does it work with front-loaders?


49. Does it work with washers & dryers?


50. Does it work with multi-load machines?


51. Does it work with top-loaders?


52. How do I know you’re going to be honest?

The operator can transact with the user app and see the transaction appear in near real-time on their dashboard and in their balance.

53. How long have you been in business?

Since 2016.

54. How many machines do you have?


55. How many people work at your company?

15 people.

56. Can my tenants get notifications when their laundry is done?

Not at the moment but it’s coming.

57. Can my tenants reserve a machine?

Not at the moment but it’s coming.

58. Does your system notify the users when their laundry is done?

Not at the moment but the feature is under development.

59. Who installs it?

The owner can install it themselves.

Or you can have a third-party installer that we can put you in touch with come to install it.

60. How do you install it?

This varies slightly from machine to machine but we have installation guides available online. 

61. Is installation free?

It is free if you do it yourself. If you want it done for you it is between you and the installer.

Different installers use different pricing models.

62. How fast is the installation?

It typically takes about 2-5mins to install a Spark per machine.

63. Where does the Spark go in/on the machine?

The Spark goes inside the steal service compartment.

64. Is it secure?


65. How is it secure?

It uses the latest bank encryption technology.

66. Things get hacked all the time how do I know this won’t get hacked?

Locks get picked. Servers get hacked. Anything man has done can be undone. This is way harder to hack than to pick a lock. You need a  much greater level of skill.

67. Can other people add the machine to their account?


68. Can your system work with non-coin-op machines (regular machines)?


69. Can I visit a ShinePay location?

It depends if there is a location that has public access near you. (i.e. laundromat) We can’t give potential customers permission to access someone else's private property without their permission.

This is why we have a money-back guarantee. 

70. How reliable is ShinePay?

As reliable as any payment system.

71. Do you have a tenant email or poster?

Yes, we do. You can download the email template here. 

We also have signage you can purchase here.

We have the same signage we sell and additional signs you can download & print here. 

72. Do we accept EBT?

No, but we have plans to do so down the line.

73. Is there an ShineInsights for Android?

You can access ShineInsights on the web here on Android. We have no native Android app. 

74. Do we need a technician to install the Spark Receiver unit?

Installation is DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or we can have someone come out to you. Installation is an extra expense if you choose that direction. Installation is done by a third party and varies.

75. Does this replace coin operation or is it in addition to the customer's ability to pay with quarters?

You can use Quarters + ShinePay. Or you can just use ShinePay. You can even change it down the road. 

76. Does it track the coins?

ShinePay does track the coins that are deposited into the machine.

77. Do you take a fee for the coins that are deposited into the machine?


78. Is there a monitoring function for our customers so they can see if machines are open and the status of their current load?

We are working on this and should have it out in the next couple of months.

79. Does the customer load an amount once or is their card charged each time they use a machine?

The customer loads an amount once and uses that until they need to reload.

80. I saw ShinePay advertised for $XX.XX can I get it for that price?

Check to ensure the discount is valid or tell them that it is invalid and the price is $149/machine.