For the machine not found error message, you can try the following steps:  

1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. It must not be paired to any other devices (AirPods, speakers, etc). If the Bluetooth is already on, try turning it off for at least 10secs and turning it back on again. 

2. If Android, make sure to turn on GPS/location settings. 

3. Reboot your phone. 

4. Close the app and relaunch. 

5. If the issue persists, go to your phone settings. Navigate through the list of apps and look for ShinePay. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. For Android, go to Permissions and make sure GPS and Bluetooth access are enabled.

5. If using LTE Data, make sure it has at least 3 bars.

6. Ensure a stable internet connection. 

For unresolved issues, you may uninstall/reinstall the app and allow all permissions to be accessed by the app. You may also contact our Support Team at for further assistance.