Welcome to the ShinePay PowerPay Installation Guide. This guide will walk you through each step needed to install a PowerPay module with any Machine. The PowerPay installation requires a certified electrician to complete the setup. Always proceed with caution while working with live power. 

The PowerPay module controls your appliance by controlling the power of your appliance. This allows you to accept payments on any appliance that takes power. The PowerPay module is located inside a pre-packaged junction box. The final installation looks like the setup below. You have two options for the installation:

Option A (below): Wire your PowerPay module to a single outlet which will control whichever machine is plugged into the outlet. 

Option B: Hardwire your appliance directly to the PowerPay module. 

Step 1
Open the junction box by loosening the 4 screws

Once the junction box is open you will see the screw terminals. This is where you will be connecting your appliance and power source wires. Looking at the PowerPay, the right terminals are for the Power Source and the left terminals are for the appliance.

Step 2
Surface mount your junction box to the wall. Your PowerPay module should be within 15 feet of your appliance for best results. Once your PowerPay is mounted to the wall feed the power source's Hot, Neutral, and Ground wires into the junction box.

Step 3
Take note of the label number on the inside wall of your PowerPay (in this example 187643). Attach the matching QR label to your machine along with its 'Pay with your phone' label.

Step 4
Screw the cover back onto your PowerPay module. Your PowerPay installation is now complete. For questions, please email support@shinepay.co