With ShineAttendant, attendants can activate your machines free of charge while giving you visibility into their usage. To add or delete an attendant, follow the steps below. 

Step 1. To add a new attendant, click on the Attendants link in the side nav, then click 'Add new attendant'.

Step 2. Fill out the form with their name and email address, then click 'Add attendant'. You will then see them on your attendants list. 

Step 3. Your attendants will receive an email with a subject line "ShinePay Attendant Permissions", the email will contain their default password:

Step 4. They can log in to ShineAttendant using the email address they provided and their default password

Step 5. If the email address is linked to an existing ShinePay account, they will not receive an email and can sign in using the same password they use with their existing ShinePay Account

Step 6. If the default password is not working or did not receive an email, they can click on Forgot Password on ShineInsights and they will receive an email to create a new password 

To delete an attendant simply click on their email from the list.

Then confirm by clicking 'Remove'.

You can add or remove as many attendants as you would like.