Refund Requests Processing (RRP) is a feature ShinePay operators have been asking for. With RRP our dedicated support team will review each ShineInsights refund request and process them for you. If it appears that one of your customers is abusing the request feature our team will reach out to you for further action. As of XX/XX/XXXX RRP will be turned on for all ShineInsights accounts. Operators can turn this feature off at any time by following this guide. The feature will be Free for 3 months. After 3 months RRP will cost $5/month per account (this will cover all users at all locations on all machines within the ShineInsights account).

In order to provide a best-in-class experience for all end-users, it is important that operators process refund requests. If refund requests are not processed within 30 days, our system will automatically turn on RRP and our dedicated support team will begin processing the pending refund requests. This will assure everyone on the ShinePay platform maintains a great experience.  Keep in mind you can turn the feature on or off at any time. 

Here are the steps to turn on or turn off the Refund Request Processing feature:

1.  Log in on your ShineInsights dashboard at

2. Go to you the Account section:

3. Toggle on the  Enable Full Support to turn on the RRP feature  or toggle off  to turn it off:


How does this prevent users from abusing the feature?

In order to protect our operators from fraudulent or users abusing the feature:

1. Our Support will not approve refund requests over $20/ 3 transactions per week per user, additional refund requests exceeding the limit will need the operator's approval
2. If the user submitted refund requests in 2 consecutive weeks, the refund requests in the 2nd week will need the operator's approval

Where do I check the billing history for the feature?

The $5 fee will be deducted from your operator balance and the billing history is under Income Section> Payout History.

Where to check all the refunded transactions?

All refund requests can be viewed, approve, or reject under the Refunds section. You may click on the Accepted tab to view the requests that have been approved: