This guide explains how to troubleshoot  MTCDs that can be detected by ShineTech but do not activate or accept coins. This shows how to change from coin to debit mode on a Maytag commercial laundry machine. This should work with washers and dryers. Oftentimes, there are Maytag issues that we are encountering. Some machines when they lose power, they revert to the 'debit' mode. This will make ShinePay not function correctly. Here is a guide to show owners/operators on how to verify and change this mode. You can also watch the demo here.

Step 1. Advance the options of the laundry machine into “J” by pressing the “Extra Rinse” button several times until it shows “J. Cd”. This will allow us to change the coin to debit mode. 

Step 2. Once it is already on “J” mode, press the “Delicate” Button three (3) times so you can change the coin or debit mode. For ShinePay to work,  set the machine as “Cd” or “C” mode.