We now have Over-The-Air updates. This will allow our operators to update the software on LaundrySparks. To access this feature, the technician must download our tech tool, ShineTec(available for iPhones). You can download the app from the App Store by searching ShineTech.

For new users, kindly provide the email address of the technician so we can register it on our system.

For an existing ShinePay account, please provide the email address so we can add permissions. You may use the same password to log in. 

WARNING: You must have a stable internet connection and the phone must be in Do Not Disturb mode to prevent the action from being interrupted. Unsuccessful Over-The-Air updates may result in damaging the spark and may no longer be recovered.


Step 1. Once signed in, allow the app to access Bluetooth.

Step 2. Go to the OTA tab.

Step 3. Hit the Scan Button. This will detect all the available machines near you.

Step 4. Select the machine ID you are trying to troubleshoot.


1. Do not leave/close this app during the update process.

2. Turn your phones in Do Not Disturb mode so the process is not disturbed by a call.

3. If the update does not complete it may not be possible to recover the device. It may need to be replaced.

Step 5. Wait for the app to complete the over-the-air update. 

Step 6. A prompt will pop up for a completed update.

Step 7. Test the machine to see if the issue persists. 

You may repeat the steps on each machine that is experiencing the same issue.

Attached is a video demonstrating the process as well.