This guide will help in troubleshooting if ever the receptacle has no power after the installation is completed.


Always proceed with caution while working with live power. Please hire a certified electrician if you're not capable of working with live power. ShinePay will not be liable for any sustained injuries.

One essential piece of information here is that the PowerPay module will only provide Power to the Outlet/Machine.

1. Open the junction box

2. Confirm that power is going in by using a voltmeter. Both terminals should read 110-120V when the probes are placed. Please take a picture for documentation

3. Check the output, Since PowerPay is NOT activated yet, this should show 0V when the voltmeter probes are placed. Please take a picture for documentation

4. Activate PowerPay Using ShinePay/ShineTech

  1. You will hear a click after successful activation.

    1. If you don’t hear a click after successful activation, record this behavior and provide this information to shinepay support.

5. Check the output again using a voltmeter. Please take a picture for documentation

6. Check for continuity on the input and output. There should be continuity since PowerPay is now allowing power to go to the receptacle. Please take a picture for documentation.

How to proceed:

Scenario 1:

If there’s a 110-120V reading on both the output terminals after ShinePay activation, this shows you that the powerpay is completely functional.

Check the receptacle and if there’s still no power to the receptacle, it’s possible that there could be a wiring issue on the receptacle itself or the wiring from the PowerPay going to the receptacle.

Scenario 2:

If there’s no 110-120V reading on the output after ShinePay activation, please reach out to support and provide the pictures you’ve taken for documentation. Video documentation would also be helpful.